Sunday, September 11, 2011

Newest Addition to our Family

Mason Michael Gatherum

Born September 6, 2011

at 1:39 am

Weighing 5 lbs 15.5 oz.

17 inches long

Cute outfit that both of my kids liked to bring him home from the hospital in. Both of my kids love music and think they are rock stars.

Mason decided to come while I was working a shift at the hospital. It was Labor Day and I was scheduled to work 15-03. It had been quite a shift-with staffing issues and some one on one patients. At 10:30 pm I told the charge nurse that my contractions were 10 minutes apart and I was going to need to leave. I called Matt to have him find a sitter for our kids and told him to meet me at Jordan Valley Hospital. I told him my contractions were 10 minutes apart and I wouldn't make it home to turn around a drive to the hospital. I drove myself the 10 minutes to the hospital and checked myself in. After connecting me to the monitors my contractions were 3 to 4 minutes apart and I was dilated to a five. Matt arrived shortly after and I was given an epidural. I had to have penicillin with this delivery and the nurse gave me the first bag and between bags she had to stop my saline and start a new bag. The remainder of the penicillin continued to go into me which really, really, really hurt and I passed out completely. It scared both the nurse and Matt. I came to with all kinds of people leaning over me and giving me oxygen that it also scared me a little until I knew what had happened. Not long after the episode I began to feel a lot of pressure and had the nurse come and check me again. I was now dilated to a 10. The nurse called the doctor and she arrived a short 15 minutes later. I began pushing and after 3 contractions and some pushing she had me stop. He just kind of slipped out after that. He was precious and I just couldn't wait to see and hold him.

Aiden woke up that morning to see grandma at his house and was informed he was a big brother once again!

Finally a big sister!

Aiden Turns SIX!

Aiden opening his presents with my parents there.

Matt's family gave Aiden a surprise party! He was surprised-I only wish I could have captured his face on camera!

Averee attempted to brake the sonic pinata.

Aiden got his sonic cake-thanks to Matt's sister Angie who does such a great job with cakes.

Aiden with his cousin who is only 6 months older than him. They had a pool party surprise party for him. He enjoyed spending some time in Grandma's pool.

First Day of Preschool

Averee started preschool this year. She is attending Learning Dynamics and loves it.

She is a little shy at school-not sure where that comes from because she is far from shy at home.


Matt took the kids to Lagoon for a work promotion. I was too far along in my pregnancy but not far along enough to have a baby that I decided to stay at my parents house that day and avoid the heat and all the walking around. This is Averee at the end of the day. She won this smurf all on her own, and is very proud of it.

They got the faces painted and Aiden insisted on his full face painted.
He makes for a cute little puppy dog. Averee has a flamingo.

Aiden's favorite ride at Lagoon this year was wicked. He is so excited to be tall enough to ride most every ride there. He is more brave than I would have been at his age.

First Day of Kindergarten

Aiden started Kindergarten this year. He loves it which makes me really happy. He loves his teacher and he has 4 of his friends from the neighborhood in his class.

Summer Fun!

Enjoyed some family fun at Bear Lake. Both kids enjoyed riding the tubes and Averee said she wanted to do it all by herself-she could handle it. However on her first ride she rode with my brother Rod and they became detached from the boat and fell into the water. She panicked but quickly recovered and still rode the rest of the time on the tubes. Aiden got brave this summer and enjoyed jumping in the water with his life jacket on. This is a good accomplishment for someone who hates to get his face wet. In the second picture they are all getting brave and standing or kneeling on the tubes and waving to all of us on the beach.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Averee all dressed up for her dance pictures.

Easter 2011-Averee picked out her own dress this year and Aiden is just happy the Easter Bunny Came.